You finally committed to scheduling a business headshot and now it is time to decide on attire.  Where do you begin? First thing to consider is how you want your clients to see you. Approachable, professional, confident?  Hopefully all three. Select an outfit that is comfortable to you while taking into account your industry’s standards. The financial and legal industries generally wear suits. Semi casual industries might wear nice jeans and a fashionable shirt with jacket.  

That being said, remember your eyes and facial expression create the first impression, then the outfit and accessories. When it comes to color schemes, I tell my clients to stick with cool or warm tones. The attire should complement, not distract. Unless you sell Hawaiian shirts, steer away from the boldness. I should put an asterisk on that last statement.  If you’re fun, energetic, and full of color, own it! If your clients know your brand by your style, show it.

business Professional business woman wearing blue blouse.