As a photographer, clients think I have an easy job behind the camera. Well I’m here to tell you it’s important for me to get in front of the camera to have a quality business headshot too.

Potential clients want to see who they are working with along with the photography images. Our society is sometimes judgemental and people want to see who they are working with and if the personality is a good fit, which is very important.

I completely understand the anxiety we get from getting our photo taken. How can I make this shoot fun and relaxing for you? Well one of my tricks is thinking of all the bad dad jokes I tell my kids during the photoshoot. When the photographer tells me to turn my neck and push my forehead to the camera I just think of doing a portrait of a giraffe. These are a couple images from my business session:

I find I have imperfections when I get in front of the camera myself; my smile is crooked, one eye seems larger than the other, but those aren’t bad things, because let’s be honest, if everything is symmetrical on my face I would look like a cartoon character on South Park.

Even though being in front of the camera can feel intimidating and awkward, let’s make the most out of it and embrace ourselves for who we are and let’s have fun during your session.