Abandoned Cars

In 2019 I was traveling to Tampa Bay and decided to make a creative pitstop. Old Car City in White, Georgia just north of Atlanta has the worlds largest known classic car junkyard.  In my opinion it could be considered a museum.  I had a few traveling delays that only gave me about 4 hours to create some photography.  But I could have spent days photographing.  It was amazing to see vehicles be come intertwined with mother nature.  I think I came crossed two people the entire time I was there.  It was very piece full.  I was drawled to the faces of these vehicles.  I kept thinking how the Pixar movie Cars created personalities.  I also created images of  time with mother nature.  From trees growing out of cars, mold on wheels and the elements that weather could create throughout the seasons.  This will be the beginning of another project photographing the abandoned.

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