Thanks for making the second click. I will keep this brief.  Like other bios you’ve read, I picked up a camera in high school and never let go.  And to date myself, this was circa 1993 back when film was the only option for photography.  Today with more experience and knowledge my vision is still the same: Create with a purpose. Film or digital doesn’t matter.  Eclectic people will say film but for me, the process needs to fit the client.  If you ask colleagues and mentors, they will say I’m easygoing and a good listener.  It’s not about my ego but, rather, my good communication skills.  So at the end of the day, we can collaborate to create the perfect images for your business. My studio is in the heart of the Midwest, Lincoln Nebraska.  I love to travel and see different landscapes and cultures, both stateside and abroad.  My travels always include finding the hotspots for food.  I’m a sucker for good bbq and still in search for the best fish taco.  Well, kudos for you making it this far on my ‘about me’ page. My contact info is below; I would love to hear more about how I can help.