It is a crazy time in society considering the current state of the economy and small businesses.  We are all trying to navigate how we can offer our services.  Salons have closed until next week “cross your fingers”  I’ve been watching Salon W  and how they have been marketing during these times.

Talking about brand and image really set in after photographing the wonderful ladies at Salon W. After discussing what they wanted to use the images for, we agreed that photographing at the salon would be best.

Salon W, located in downtown Lincoln, Nebraska, made a great location for beautiful portraits, with window lighting and a modern decor.

When getting a professional headshot or portrait taken, hair and makeup is very important. If your image is being used for marketing or online, you want to look your best. It is worth the investment to get your hair and makeup in picture ready form.

A common comment when I tell people I’m a photographer is, “I hate getting my picture taken,” or “I hate myself in pictures.” We can eliminate these phrases by just taking a moment to be planful.

Treat yourself to a style before you have your photograph taken and choose the right colors to make you look and feel your best. Lastly, hire a photographer that will work with you to make you feel confident during your photo shoot.

Salon W is the perfect example of branding they are well dressed and professional.