In this two-part series I’m going to discuss where to be photographed.  I recommend having both studio and location images, this will give a variety.

The plus for scheduling a photo shoot at the studio is taking the weather out of the equation. No wind or humidity to mess up the hair.  Light can be controlled to best suit your individual profile. With my experience I can provide the best lighting to flatter every smile and personality. At the studio we have a changing room to help with primping.  The backgrounds I provide are simple and not distracting. Additionally, immediate proofing is offered at the studio. By previewing the images right then and there, we can double check clothing and jewelry and ensure your expression is exactly what you desire in a portrait.  This process also improves turnaround time as you can select your headshot before leaving. After the selection, we’ll retouch them and send them to you. No waiting for an online gallery and finding time to select your images. We are all busy and timing is very valuable. Take a second and look at some studio samples below.

business headshot3/4 portrait of business woman business professional woman in jacket