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Mikaela & Zach

A couple weeks ago I had the honor of photographing another memorable wedding.  Mikaela & Zach had their ceremony at St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church on the University of Nebraska Lincoln campus.  St. Thomas Aquinas is very meaningful to them due to their  involvement with the Neman center while in college.  It misted off and on through the day, but that didn’t stop us from going out and doing some fun and creative images at the Capital and UNL campus. The feel of the wedding was simple, elegant and classy.  One of my favorite moments was when they saw each other for the first time and after a hug Zach pulled out one of Mikaela’s flowers from her bouquet.  Some people might lose it, but not Mikaela.  She just smiled.  Many thanks to Melissa at Blooms & Bouquets, who met us on location and fixed the bouquet.  I had such a great time photographing the wedding party everyone had was energetic and photogenic.  Another moment that stuck out to me and the couple was when they got to the Country Club for the reception.  We had about 5 minutes of sunset.  It was gorgeous,  I remember asking for one more shot.  Mikaela and Zach were so gracious in giving me that opportunity.  Here are some images enjoy!

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Jaylynn & Tayler

In August, we had the pleasure of shooting Jaylynn and Tayler’s special day. The two met in college while living in the same dorm building. Jaylynn claims Tayler was always up really late playing RockBand with his roommate, and making all sorts of other noise. The relationship blossomed into a beautiful marriage! Their journey started when Tayler took Jaylynn to Misty’s on her birthday, and popping the question right after, with their dogs present of course.

        Jaylynn is in the wedding business, so when planning started, she knew exactly what was in store for their big day. They chose the DelRay Ballroom, in downtown Lincoln, as their venue. Jaylynn told us a little bit about why they came to that conclusion. “What we loved about the DelRaywas the exposed brick and mirrors…(they) do the set up and tear down so we didn’t have to do much work”. Their Hollywood Glam theme was perfect for the space, and for us to get some amazing shots. “Everyone loved the idea of having each table be a movie and have the movie’s theme song release the table,” Jaylynn added.

       They had a beautiful ceremony, reception venue, dress, and photos, the couple still said that sharing their vows was the best part of their day. “I was just happy to be marrying my best friend.” Congratulations, Jaylynn and Tayler!

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