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fall creative shoot

Over the past year or so,  I’ve been talking to Melissa at Blooms & Bouquets about doing a creative shoot closer to Halloween.  Blooms & Bouquets not only does great floral arrangements, but their displays are at another level altogether.  I went into the shoot with a vision of how to light the subject and the composition, but quickly changed my mind set, which I’m completely okay with.  The images we created had a different mood and look from other creative shoots in the past.  When initially planning the shoot, I remember talking with Dani and Melissa at Blooms & Bouquets and a non wedding shoot kept coming up.  The only thing remotely resembling a wedding shoot was the flowers, our wonderful model Claire, used as a prop.   antler floral hybrid pieces could be the  trend for next year lol..  I might be the one behind the camera, but there were so many people that contributed. Claire’s hair & makeup was done by Alicia’s Makeup Artistry.   Ellyne Bridal provided the dress, and Blooms & Bouquets provided the floral arrangements and display piece.  One last person to mention is Jeremy Allen Wieczorek a good photography friend who also collaborated and photographed.
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Humphrey NE Wedding

I had the privilege of photographing Keisha & Jarod’s wedding in Humphrey, Nebraska.   I’ll start by saying I love small town weddings!   The Saturday started off very emotional when Jarod’s grandpa surprised the couple at their first look with his wedding ring as a gift.  We found a ton of cool spots just around Humphrey St Francis.  This Church was  absolutely gorgeous. After the ceremony we went to the family? farm, which was an endless playground of creativity for me as a photographer.  There were barns, horses, pastures, trucks…you name it!  The next adventure before the reception was downtown. The city of Humphrey has so much character with its beautiful brick streets and old buildings. Oh, and who could forget a local bar with great beer prices?  Enjoy some of these fun images.
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Alonzo & Chelsea

March 19th, brought us the wedding celebration of Alonzo and Chelsea.  We had a great time at the wedding, but we wanted to hear a little bit about the history of these two.  They met downtown Lincoln, and soon after, Alonzo took Chelsea on their first date.  After Alonzo captured Chelsea with his southern charm, he decided to pop the question, in a very unique way we might add.  Alonzo got a really big box, taped the ring to the bottom of the box, and covered it with tissue paper. Inside, Alonzo also put the t-shirt that he wore the first night the two hung out, and a letter that he specifically wrote to Chelsea. Not only did he do that, he decided to give Chelsea the box on Christmas morning!

The theme Alonzo and Chelsea went with for their wedding was elegance and romance.  Simple, beautiful, gold accents, and candles were the major things they featured at the venue.  “We just wanted everyone to have a great time and feel the love around us,” Chelsea told us.  The venue looked gorgeous, and they definitely achieved their theme.

When we asked Alonzo and Chelsea what the most important part of the day was to them, the both talked about how special it was to write their own personal vows to each other.  “The fact that our daughters got to see an example of love and unity was really important to us as well,” Alonzo added.  

As for us, we had an amazing time being a part of this wedding.  Nebraska weather is crazy, and we basically had three different seasons throughout the day, which made taking pictures extremely fun! We got a ton of different shots in the snow, rain, and sunshine.  Congrats, Alonzo and Chelsea!


Creative shoot Moonrise Kingdom Theme

A  couple weeks ago we found ourselves in the beautiful Chez Hay Catering and Event Space in downtown Lincoln.  We partnered with Blooms and Bouquets for the decorations and floral, while Blush Bridals provided the attire for this creative shoot.  The theme was built off of the hit movie, Moonrise Kingdom, and the décor spoke for itself.  Elegant greenery and vintage-style furniture made this set-up stand out from the traditional wedding reception setting.  The gorgeous dress and complementary headband was a perfect fit for the bohemian style we were going for. Natural lighting in the event space set everything up for success, and we were really happy with our results!

Emmy, from Blush Bridal, had a lot to say about the styling she did for the shoot.  “A boho bridal look is THE trend for Bridal this year,” she stated.  “The Ginger gown:  Blush by Hayley Paige embodies the boho feel with it’s flowy chiffon skirt and illusion lace appliques throughout the bodice.” She chose a Casablanca sash as a headpiece to bring a little sparkle but also bring attention to the model’s gorgeous hair!  “Romantic, soft, relaxed and fun best suits this trendy look.”

Blooms and Bouquets Event Productions owner, Melissa, shared the inspiration behind this shoot with us.  “Moonrise Kingdom tells the story of the search for two young lovers who have run away into the wilderness,” she explained.  “The head table was made to feel like a picnic in a natural shelter and the lounge embodied the bohemian spirit that is movies portray.”  The model for the shoot, Dani, is also part of the Blooms and Bouquets team! She was the one who conceptualized the shoot, so it was fitting that she was featured in the beautiful setting.

Chez Hay, in downtown Lincoln, created the perfect atmosphere for this creative shoot.  Event Director, Halie, welcomes wedding couples to, “Discover the new vibe coming from within [their] vintage walls.” Chez Hay will help you create something extraordinary for your special day.  I couldn’t think of a better location to capture the essence of Moonrise Kingdom.

As for us, we had a ton of fun doing this shoot. It’s always a blast to collaborate with other wedding vendors and create something amazing. We got to use our Lomography Petzval lens, which added a lot to the unique style of the shoot. We can’t wait to do more creative shoots like this one, and look forward to doing just that!

moonrise 1

Cari & Aaron

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure to photograph Cari and Aaron’s wedding in McCook Nebraska. These two made the day a lot of fun for us, and we produced some amazing shots.

Cari and Aaron decided to hold their wedding at E Free Church in McCook. The reception was at Cambridge Community that meant a lot to the both of them. Keeping it really close to home and personal was really important to the two of them. Their Country/Vintage feel fit perfectly along with their personal touches in the wedding! Cari said most important part of the day was for them, “When we exchanged our vows and when we were taking pictures (just the two of us). Something was very special about that, being in the arms of my love!”

We decide on some great places to do some creative images. First was Koch Farms and while driving on the highway to the reception we stopped on the side of the road and found a little nook of countryside that fit the wedding day. Downtown Bartley Nebraska has some old buildings that made a perfect backdrop also.

Congrats and I wish you nothing but happiness in the future!

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Artistic shoot

I love it when I have a chance to do an artistic shoot during the cold winter season and recently I was able to do so with a team of local wedding vendors. Chez Hay provided the dream location with exposed brick walls, wooden dance floor, tall ceilings, and a striking city view at night. The ambiance was just right. Matthew was my groom for the day and Emsuds Clothiers provided his slacks, suspenders, and tie (a very hot trend, by the way!).  Cameron was fitted byBlush Bridal in a Rowan Blush dress by Hayley Paige.  Untamed Petals and Meg Jewelry completed the bride’s flawless look with their accessories.  I couldn’t thank Emily from Blush Bridal enough for making sure the dress was fitting perfectly. Blooms & Bouquets  made some amazing displays that provided beautiful backgrounds.   Not only did we use some great window light, the vintage light bulbs were a great prop. During a creative shoot I always try to mix up the lighting to create a different feel with each set.  IMG_0627IMG_0670 copyIMG_0854 IMG_0852

IMG_0864IMG_0805IMG_0697 copy IMG_0736 copy IMG_1006 copy IMG_1003 copy

Children’s Hula Hoop and Tent Session

We had a  fun day last week photographing an adventurous group of kids. It was enjoyable to relax and unplug outdoors in a new tent we wanted to try out. With just a short time before the rain started, Marlee, Ruby, and Stella showed off their skills recently learned hula hoop skills. Thanks to Gary and Andria for coming out with their kids.

Hope you enjoy the images!

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Hollywood Shoot

I recently started a new personal goal: one creative shoot a month. My first idea was to recreate some old Hollywood glam images.  In collaboration with Jeremy Johnson from Bellevue, we set out to make this goal a reality.

George Hurrell was a great inspiration for this creative shoot.  His black and white images of celebrities form the 1940-1960’s are awesome. Using the Delray Ballroom, the beautiful wood floors, long red curtains, brick walls and long mirrors were perfect for the shoot. We captured our  images using older lights that were used back in old Hollywood. Everything fell into place when we found Jill and Jade, the two perfect models for the shoot. Not to mention, Emmy from Blush Bridal put the finishing touches on the project with the dresses she provided for the models.

A big thanks to Jeremy for shooting with me, Emmy for letting me use your dresses for the shoot, and the Delray Ballroom for letting us use their place to photograph. Enjoy!


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Colors of the Seasons

To kick off 2014 spring right, I have asked Emmy from Blush Bridal to help our blog followers.  She chose to enlighten us all on the color palettes for different seasonal weddings.  Enjoy!


Hi everybody!  This is Emmy from Blush Bridal Boutique located here in Lincoln!  I live in the world of weddings, so I am thrilled to write this guest post for Corey’s blog.

The biggest mistake I typically see brides make when they begin planning is that they only choose one or two color combinations for their wedding designs and decorations.  Sure, eggplant bridesmaids dresses and grey suits are a perfect combo, but more color choices must be introduced to make this interesting to our eyes!

The easiest way to decide on a color palette or theme is to envision your bridal bouquet!  What colors will be represented here?  Ideally,  4-5 color choices are ideal here and they will serve as a guide for your attendants fashions, table scapes, printed invitations and more!  Below are some inspiration boards of color themes  for winter and summer weddings….


Winter Wedding

Winter Palette

I simply adore winter weddings!   Soft color themes, snow covered earth (if Nebraska weather cooperates), and early evenings are a perfect combination for a photographers dream!  Yes, if there is snow on the ground, throw on some boots and get out there for outdoor  pictures.  You will not regret those images and the making of a fun memory!



Summer Wedding


In the summertime the Nebraska landscape is so vibrant and lush.  During the summer months I prefer bold color themes.  Don’t be afraid to dress your attendants in different colors, generally 2-3 in each color works beautifully for pictures.  Gold tones are also really big right now, incorporate gold metallics in these details to add warmth to your decor!