I’m here to help give you the best headshot to tell your story and show your true personality.

Our headshot photography is a streamlined process from booking to receiving the final retouched image. When working with Corey Rourke Photography, you have the option to choose immediately from an iPad.

The goal is to get the shot for the first time — no need to reshoot because of clothes or if your hair is out of place. We know how valuable your time is. There is no need for an online gallery and decision-making that could take weeks. Typical delivery time is anywhere from 24–48 hours, depending on the size of the job.

Are you looking to get a headshot? There are a few questions you need to answer: What is the image going to be used for? Will it live only on a social media site, or a print brochure? The goal is to have a headshot that portrays you. The image needs to say, “I can work with this person, and I trust them to do business.”

Once that decision is made, think about where you should be photographed. Do you need a studio portrait, maybe with a specific background for your company’s guidelines, or are you looking for something at your business or a casual environment like a coffee shop?

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