Have you ever sat down at a restaurant, started reading the menu, and your eyes kept gravitating to the picture of the bacon cheeseburger, the hot wings, or the artichoke dip?  We are a visual society!  My job with  proper lighting and composition  will  make that image of the bacon cheeseburger jump off the menu. When looking at the image, I want you to taste the seasoned fries and smell the hot wings before you take a bite.  Visually enticing images included in your menu and on other marketing platforms can help increase sales of featured products.

At Corey Rourke Photography we have the capabilities to photograph on site to use your background and surroundings to set the mood.

We have full or half rates available.  A food stylist is also available.  Call to set up a consultation for your next image upgrade.  Click here for Food photography portfolio.