Business headshots, or corporate headshots have become an essential part of almost any business.  We not only live in a digital world, but a highly visual one as well.  Every business that has a social presence via website, blogs, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on, need to have a professional image taken.   Why is a headshot important you ask?  Consumers want to see who they are doing business with.  They are looking for someone to visually trust and relate to.  At Corey Rourke Photography, I strive to provide a quality image that not only you but your business can stand behind.  By learning more about you and your business, and who your clients are, we can determine the best background, pose and lighting.  Every person and business is different and we need to set you apart from the competition. Whether you are self -employed or managing a large team of people, we have a solution for all your headshot/corporate needs.

  Not only will I use different lighting, but provide immediate proofing.  We can look at the images, then critique and tweak to give you exactly what you need.  Also, by selecting your images right away we can have the image back to you sooner, saving you very precious time.  No need for an online gallery.  Feel free to contact the studio for an appointment.   Click here for business headshot portfolio  402-466-4644


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