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Ciara & Seth

Ciara & Seth married on August 27 of this year.  I started off early creating some cool images of the groom and his groomsmen on the street he and a few of them grew up on.  The ceremony was at Eastridge Presbyterian.  This day was full of surprises!  The bride and groom had their dog walk down the aisle with the rings.  I know you’re thinking this happens a lot.  And, yes, it does but this dog did it perfectly.  After being pronounced married, the couple had a band pop up in the audience to play “All you need is love” like in the movie Love Actually.  One of the best surprises Ciara could give her husband was to walk on the field at Memorial Stadium.  Once we got the emotions in check, the reception was just around the corner at the Johnny Carson Theatre.  The wedding in itself had a Hollywood theme.  Much thanks to Conrad at the Stem Gallery for the beautiful displays.  013 029 036 058 065 076 080 086 110 111 120 128 137 139 150 153 172 173 174 184 193 220 232 242 248 299 313 329 354 360 384 385 390
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Jim & Stacy

Jim and Stacy first cross paths back in 2005 when they were both employees at Tanworld. During their time as co-workers, they became friends and after a couple years began dating. Stacy was even Jim’s boss at one point.
Fast forward six years when Jim finally asked for Stacy’s hand in marriage. On August 1, 2013, Stacy was sent out to get Jim since his car broke down.  Little did she know that this was his plan to propose. He got down on one knee in the middle of a dirt road in the pouring rain. The very romantic and unforgettable moment was a surprise to Stacy and she agreed to take the next step in their relationship.
After almost seven years of being together, the couple said their vows on May 10, 2014. The ceremony was at St. John’s Catholic Church and the reception followed at the beautiful grand hall at the train station in the Haymarket. The couple spent much of their time in the Haymarket so the location was special. They enjoyed their day with family and their favorite moment was giving themselves to one another through their vows. Jim and Stacy had a day of fun and laughter with those closest to them.  Here are my top five from the wedding.
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After the wedding the newlyweds spent time in Playa del Carmen, Mexico for their honeymoon.  They look forward to the chapters ahead of them in life and they are excited to start a family. Enjoy this quick slideshow of the wedding day story.

Location, Location, Location!



We teamed up with Lisa Petersen from the Grand Manse to give you this week’s Tips & Tricks. Enjoy!


Finding the perfect venue for your big day is not as daunting as you would think. The best thing you can do is go to your site visits prepared. Take notes, ask if you can take pictures (photos will help jog your memory if you are looking at a number of different venues). Photos are also fun to look back on after the wedding.541


After determining that your date is available, you will want to make sure the venue hold the appropriate number of people for your reception.  You may want to clarify the number.  Is it for standing, a cocktail party setup, or seated, a dinner setup.  I would even try to ask for pictures of the different setups so you can really get a feel for how your reception will look.

Next, ask what all is included in the price.  Sometimes the price may be a little more expensive, but include more.  For instance, one venue may offer the room for a longer time, let you setup days before, have a certain caterer or DJ that you would use, or provide a variety of table setups and tablecloths.  Having some of these things included in the price could save you time and money and save you the hassle of worrying about more items on your to-do list.


The most important part of the reception is being able to celebrate with family and friends and to make it the most enjoyable for everyone.  In order to accomplish this, verify that parking is easily available near your venue.  Another helpful tip is to have the reception near the hotel that many of your guests are staying.

At the end of your meeting, ask if there are any rules and regulations that have not been covered. It is hard to think of every possible scenario. Mindy Weiss, professional wedding planner, says that some venues require you to work with a professional wedding planner, other venues have a specific florist/event designer that you must use, while others still will have a list of approved professionals you must work with.


Happy searching!