Hollywood Shoot

I recently started a new personal goal: one creative shoot a month. My first idea was to recreate some old Hollywood glam images.  In collaboration with Jeremy Johnson from Bellevue, we set out to make this goal a reality.

George Hurrell was a great inspiration for this creative shoot.  His black and white images of celebrities form the 1940-1960’s are awesome. Using the Delray Ballroom, the beautiful wood floors, long red curtains, brick walls and long mirrors were perfect for the shoot. We captured our  images using older lights that were used back in old Hollywood. Everything fell into place when we found Jill and Jade, the two perfect models for the shoot. Not to mention, Emmy from Blush Bridal put the finishing touches on the project with the dresses she provided for the models.

A big thanks to Jeremy for shooting with me, Emmy for letting me use your dresses for the shoot, and the Delray Ballroom for letting us use their place to photograph. Enjoy!


IMG_9697 copy

IMG_9720 copy

IMG_9750 copy

IMG_9795 copy

IMG_9805 copy

IMG_9894 copy