Engaging Before the Big Day

After the ring is on your finger and the celebrations start, the engagement becomes about the all-important wedding day. Before you know it, the wedding day is here and you are on your way to start your new life together.  But before the you tie the knot, you might want to capture the engagement stage of your life.

Here are a few reasons to engage in those pre-wedding portraits:

You will have formal portraits to display at your wedding. Think about the guest book table, gift table, and reception tables.  You will want to have formal pictures of you as a couple to display and celebrate your relationship.  Why not make them fun and professional to show off to all your guests?


You will have pictures to put up in your home.  Once you have a place you call “home”, you will want to display pictures of the new family you have started.  Don’t get me wrong, you will want plenty of pictures of the wedding, but sometimes it is nice to have more of an everyday feeling of the both of you as a couple.  Plus, your friends, family, and other individuals that may enter your house will be able to see and enjoy your relationship through these pictures.  Making that house or apartment feel more like “home.”

IMG_9052 copy

You will get to have a fun experience as a couple. Who needs to take dance lessons when you have a couple hours of taking pictures as a couple?  No seriously, it might be nice to step away from the planning of the wedding and actually enjoy each other’s company with a few hours of worry-less fun.


You get to prepare for the wedding day in front of a camera. I know you are probably not camera shy, but most people are not used to having a camera constantly shooting pictures of them for an entire day.  Engagement photos are a great way to become comfortable in front of the camera and get to know the photographer before the wedding day comes around.  You are also able to see the photographer’s style  and personality before the wedding so you know what to expect on the big day.


Something many people have said about me is how well I get to know them as a couple which makes them feel comfortable.  I love shooting couples from the engagement to the wedding and meeting with them in-between.  I really like to have a fun and creative relationship with each couple in order to make the start of their new life enjoyable and visible in photographs.

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