Baby Bump

After photographing their wedding, Madison and Ryan came to me for their maternity pictures.  As a studio known for wedding photography, we also enjoy doing family and other special ocassions photos.  With expecting a new little one, Madison and Ryan wanted to capture this event in their lives with unique photos.  For this shoot, we decided to do something fun and different than the typical studio shoot.  Choosing to do the shoot at a location, we found a field with nice open space and beautiful scenery. Check out the images.

IMG_2487 copy IMG_2577 copymaternity IMG_2635 copy IMG_2649 copy

To See or Not To See?

When couples come in for their first meeting, they typically ask one of the two following questions:

1. When should we take pictures before or after the ceremony?
2. Which is better to see each other for the first time before the ceremony or at the ceremony?

Although there is not a cut and dry answer to these questions, I have compiled some things to consider when choosing what option is best for you.

See Each Other Before the Ceremony/Pictures Before 
While it is certainly nice to share a special moment together for the first time in a little more private setting, you do miss out on the traditional first look down the aisle. Do you want to share that moment at the ceremony with all of your family and friends, or would you rather keep it between you and your spouse-to-be?

Seeing each other before the wedding allows you to take a few pictures and maybe even getting the more formal photos done so after the ceremony you can concentrate on the location and fun photos. There will be random delays throughout the day and things that will come up out of your control, especially our Nebraska weather. Taking some pictures before gives you a little more flexibility and then you aren’t pressed to get all the pictures done between the ceremony and the reception.




To See Each Other at the Ceremony/Picture After
You are able to share that special moment of first seeing each other as bride and groom in front of all of your family and friends. The groom looking down the aisle and reacting to seeing his bride for the first time is a wonderful image that commemorates the wedding, an image currently many people look for in wedding albums. Sharing in this special moment leaves you with time after the ceremony to get the formal pictures and the location or fun pictures taken.

With this option, it is key that the schedule is organized with a little wiggle room for the unexpected. Although this taking all group pictures after the ceremony leaves you with less time overall taking pictures, if you are an organized individual wanting to have the more traditional first look, this is a great way to capture the images you want on your wedding day.



Most importantly, choose the option that best suits your wedding day and personalities. Seeing each other before allows for a little more time flexibility while seeing each other at the ceremony lets you have more of a schedule. Either way, I have seen it work well both ways. We are always here to help you plan and organize so that no matter which option you choose, you receive the images you want. Hope you find these points helpful in making decisions for your special day.

Ashley & Austin

Ashley and Austin married only a couple weeks ago on May 25th.  We had so much fun photographing this couple and their large wedding party.  Before the ceremony at Christ Lutheran we went to some fun Lincoln locations including the Capitol and the Sunken Gardens.  As the day moved on, the wedding party met us at sweet urban spots for pictures.  After they road on the bus, we arrived at the Cornhusker Hotel for the reception.  Enjoy this short video of the wedding day.   Corey