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They made it to senior year

As parents of upcoming seniors in high school, you are about have a lot on your plate! From cherishing the moments of the last basketball game, to planning a graduation celebration, and not to mention getting your senior ready for college! The time to start thinking about senior portraits is now!

When you wait until the last minute to book your session, you’ll quickly find out that everyone else did the same thing! Booking early will ensure that your photographer has a spot open for you to capture the best images possible. Towards the end of the school year, our busiest time slots are during the evening and on the weekends, so finding free time, not only for you, but also for you senior can be scarce. It’s also no surprise that senior year is super busy, not only for your child, but also for you! Time is limited once the school year starts, so why not get your portraits now?


At Corey Rourke Photography, we offer a wide range of senior portrait packages from digital, to guest books for your graduation ceremony. Check out our website for more information on package deals, session insights, and more! We can’t wait to capture the memories your child has made during their high school career, and create memorable material for you to share for years to come.


Call us at 402-466-4644, or email us at to book an appointment with us today!

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Street Team class of 2016

It’s that time of year again when we start looking for our Street Team (ambassadors and model reps) for Corey Rourke Photography.  We are looking for outgoing students graduating in 2016.  As a member of our Street Team you will receive special sessions and discounts on your product order.  In return, it’s simple: tell your friends to get their senior portraits at Corey Rourke Photography.  Click the link to apply to be a part of our Street Team.  Applicants will be chosen on April 4th, 2015.

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Investing in Quality Images for Life

For senior portraits, a key factor on choosing a photographer is the pricing.  Sometimes pricing can turn people away from a prospective photographer. We would like to explain why choosing a quality photographer is more than spending money for pictures.  It is about an experience and an investment for life.

If you think about it, in the world of Instagram, seniors have a bunch of current pictures of themselves. However, how many of those images are portraits you would be willing to hang on your wall or give to a family member.  The quality is often low and the images do not always look professional.  Not to mention, when is the last time you took a professional picture? It might be family pictures many years ago. And when is the next time you will be willing to take professional pictures? Probably not for many years in the form of a business headshot or wedding portraits.


Typically a senior client will spend anywhere from $500 to $900 on senior images. The price can vary depending on your needs but we view these images as an investment for your life. These images will be pulled out and looked at throughout the years to come and we want them to be the best quality.

Our belief here at Corey Rourke Photography is that the images we produce are more an investment into capturing a senior’s important stage in life with quality that will last for years. As always, we would love to hear from you and answer any questions you have about pricing and investing in these images. Call us at 402-466-4644 and check out our online publication for additional information.


Finding the Right Location

Through the packages offered at our studio, we have three options of locations for your senior pictures. The options below are customized to the individual senior. Please take the packages into consideration when choosing our studio. We want to help pick the perfect options for you. The following sessions are the current sessions we offer for our seniors:

IMG_0548 copy

-Up close and personal images in a professional setting
-Various backdrops and poses
-Professionally staged lighting
-Fun atmosphere with music of the senior’s choosing
-Unlimited outfit changes.



Environmental (On Location)
-Numerous locations to choose
-Certain locations upon request (sporting location, favorite spot, urban setting etc.)
-Professionally managed natural lighting and staged lighting
-Versatility and unique on location images
-Unlimited outfit changes.


IMG_8044 IMG_8287


Combo (both Studio and Environmental)
-Best of both worlds (all points mentioned above)
-Intimate studio portraiture with the option to choose a special location
-Wider variety of images
-Ability to utilize more of the outfits based on location

We are also adding a night session for our seniors that prefer something a little bit different. Give us a call at the number below to have your questions answered about that session.

More information on our sessions and the pricing can be found by calling us at 402-466-4644 or by looking at our online publication.

Let’s Take a Look

After your senior session, the next step is to come into the studio to review the images. When coming to look at the images, we will have a slideshow projection for you and your parents to view the images. We have received a very positive response to presenting the images larger than what would be seen on a small computer. Here are a couple steps we ask you to take before coming in for your viewing appointment:

Send a picture of the space where you are going to place a senior wall portrait.
This could be in your home next to other senior images throughout the years or the only senior you will have displayed above the couch in the living room. This helps to have an idea of what image options would look best in the space you want.



Make a list of the people you want to give senior images.
This could include grandparents, aunts and uncles, family friends, classmates, etc. Think about specific sizes for each of these people. When considering classmates and friends, really think about the number of wallet images that would work for you.


The more you think through what you want out of your senior images, the easier it will be to order the portraits you need.  If you come to the ordering session with an idea of what you would like to purchase, we can go through the process with ease. All this information and more can be found on our online publication. Give us a call at 402-466-4644 for any more questions.

Arriving Camera Ready

For seniors, many questions can run through your heads before taking senior pictures, an experience you have never done before. How do I know what to do before I arrive at my senior session?  Which outfit do I wear first? What will the first location or background look like?


To put your mind to ease, we have some tips for coming to the session camera ready.  All you should have to worry about is looking your best and we will take care of anything else.

Ladies–Show up with makeup and hair ready and your outfits organized.

Gentlemen–Show up well groomed with your outfits organized.

For both the ladies and the gentlemen–
The day of the shoot come prepared. You can either show up in an outfit or change when you get to the studio. We will review your outfits and decide together which locations or backdrop to use and the outfits that will go best with the chosen location.

For any other questions or concerns about preparing for your session give us a call at 402-466-4644. You can look at our online publication for more tips and suggestions for your senior portrait experience.

Behind the Lens

As parents and senior start discussing their plans for senior portraits, many times style and pricing are the main determinants. Both of these aspects are very important but something many people don’t think about is the photographer’s style and personality. The photographer’s personality and style helps the senior to become more comfortable. Having a sense of comfort between the senior and the photographer can only improve the images.

In an attempt to show you that the photographer’s role is much more than to just snap a few images, let’s find out more about the man behind the camera, Corey.

headshots 85 copy

For the past thirteen years in the photography business, I have seen fads come and go. Regardless of these fads, my goal is to capture inner emotion by seeking to learn, listen, and see my subject. My career is very fulfilling as I meet new and unique people everyday. It is my job to portray how unique you are!



As a senior about to graduate, you want images that really represent the person that you have become. These images can really highlight your personality and your unique self. We pride ourselves on making you comfortable and most yourself. Our goal is to give our clients the very best products we can provide and make out clients proud of their images.


You will see that we offer many options and there are equally as many variables that determine what will work best for you.  We would love to hear from you and any questions that you have.  For more information or to talk to Corey himself, call 402-466-4644.

Ladies and Gentlemen–What to Bring for Senior Pictures

In preparing for senior portraits, both parents and seniors often have trouble choosing or narrowing down the perfect outfits. How do we know if the outfit will fit the location? How many outfits are appropriate? What type of variety of outfits should we have?

All of these very common questions are most helpful to know the answer to before you arrive for the session. We have put together some general guidelines that help you narrow down to the perfect number and be prepared for almost any location.



Some fun items that the ladies can think about bringing to the session:


sports gear
(or any other fun items!)


On to the most important part of preparing for senior images–the wardrobe. The following is a list of all the types of outfits we recommend bringing to the session. Remember that these are guidelines so feel free to make this list your own!

Fashionable Outfit–neon colors, colored jeans, patterned leggings, scarves, or any other of your favorite trends

Casual Summer Outfit–shirt or tank with shorts or capris

Casual Winter Outfit–sweater or long sleeved shirt with jeans or winter casual dress (leggings and boots are fun too!)

Fun Outfit–can be any mixture of clothing items but should fit your style and personality, what do you wear on a fun day out?

Sports Uniform–any sports uniform, letterman’s jacket, or warm up gear

Formal Outfit–a dress, nice shirt and skirt, or blouse and dress pants

Dress Outfit–casual, formal, or prom dress




Some fun items that guys can think about bringing to the session:

sports gear
(or any other fun items!)


Our recommended outfits for the session:

Fashionable Outfit–plaid, bow tie, suspenders, colored shorts, v neck shirt, any other favorite trends

Casual Summer Outfit–plain shirt and neutral colored shorts

Casual Winter Outfit–jeans or pants and long sleeve shirt or sweater

Fun Outfit–whatever your interest, surprise us and make it your own

Sports Uniform Outfit–any sports uniform or letterman’s jacket

Formal Outfit–shirt and tie with nice pants


As mentioned before, these are all guidelines to help you on your way to having the best senior picture experience that you can. If you just can’t get enough and want more information on senior portraits, we have compiled more information into a online publications that can be found here.

For more information on our senior portraits or to schedule a session please call 402-466-4644.  



I just wanted to take an opportunity to say thank you to Jordan for an awesome senior session.  This girl has a great personality and was really easy to shoot and work with.  She has a great smile and fun curly hair which made the pictures turn out wonderful.  I wish you the best of luck your senior year and thanks again for choosing us for your senior pictures. Check out these images!

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